Hey, what time is it? Time for you to get a watch

Nixon watches are no longer for skaters, boarders and surfers, rather, they are really brodening their horizons and have come out with some wicked watches the last two seasons! Creating some really stylish watches for both men and women, nixon is becoming a watch force to recon with ahah.


favorite # 1 : THE RAYNA @ $200

favorite # 2:  The Motif @ $150

favorite # 3: mens favorite-> THE 51-30 @ $450

[photo credits to nixonnow.com

All available to purchase on the website..again happy shooping : )


8 comments so far

  1. Mackey on

    I seen this awesome white one on a guy that works at West 49.
    I fell in love with it right away.
    Do u think Sanata will bring me one for Christmas?!

  2. Mackey on

    Ohhh this is the one right here!!!!!


  3. Mackey on

    the “Ceramic Player” in white.

  4. Mackey on

    uhg. Of course….$1600. Like I am ever going to buy that.=P
    Oh well ” The Answer” is kind of cute. $100….thats more like it=)

  5. tttanja on

    hhahah jesus 1600 ya right, well maybe just print out a copy of “the answer” and put it on the fridge and write: i want this for xmas hint hint hahah

  6. Mackey on

    well if I get all my friend to donate $50 maybe I can get the ceramic player! lol
    I know those are mens watches & are quite big but I like ’em!

  7. Mackey on

    btw…i have a blog too.
    Have had one for 4 years.
    Pop in sometime if you want.
    Be forwarned….u might find out more baout mac then u ever wanted to know:P

  8. mackey on

    What time is it?
    Time for you to post again chicky!!!!
    I know….u have been a busy girl with school.
    Hope you have a lot of time for fun on your Christmas break!

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