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“Obama on the left, McCain on the right”

Okay so this is the best thing I have found on youtube lately and is a fun and brilliant way to shine some light onto the American Eleciton! It’s a rap with a message — “You can vote however you like”. Check out what the Ron Clark 6th and 7th kids have to say….


Project Runway!

A big congratulations to Leanne Marshall, the season 5 Project Runway winner. I just wanted everyone to check out her collection and see how talented she really is! To see the last five designers collections along with Leanne’s just head to bravotv’s website.


Latest release by the Olsen twins !

On October 28th the twins released their new “coffeetable” book “Infleunce”. The book is set on a bunch of interviews of photographers, artists and designers that have influenced both Marykate and Ashely. I personally haven’t picked it up myself, but will get on it immediately. After seeing them on Oprah and hearing about the book I got really interested, and now am excited to get my hands on it.  

kickin’ collaboration !

For all of those who love snowboarding and sking while sporting sick gear at the same time check out the new limited edition outerwear collaboration with Burton and Kidrobot

Kidrobot x Burton
Toy Pile Up Jacket For Men

I love the sideways zippers and the colors on the jacket. Preferably i don’t like the whole matching suit, i would just go for black pants with some red googles so the outfit woulden’t look so busy. Anyway, its limited edition and alot of places are already sold out so get on it if you really love it!

sweater weather!

For this season an over sized sweater is a must. Layering with skinny’s, leggings, lots of tee’s and scarves is the new ‘it’ thing. Some of my favorites this season include:





Just a few of my favorites but if you want to check out some more check out ShopStyle. They have a huge selection you can choose from about 30 pages actually and have a huge variety with many different price ranges! Happy shopping !!!


So I’m still not sure of how I feel about Rick Owens. His newest designs are a little goth looking but at the same time are so orginal. Take a look at his website and decide for yourselves. As for one of my favorite pieces it has to be this oversized denim vest. I absoluely fell in love with it when I saw it! It comes from the Rick Owens drkshdw line. If you really have to get your hands on it it’s not going to be cheap.


hot old guys?


Hot old guys? Does that actually exist? Ohhh yess!!! If your looking for something to do the next little while, make a date with your mom and go see “Nights in Rodanthe”. Me and my mom recently saw it and sobbed through the whole movie! It was a perfect girls night and we both really liked the movie. Its no “Pretty Woman”, but i mean Richard Gere is Richard Gere, whether you want to admit it or not, he is a hunk!


“Maui Babe”

So on your next trip to anywhere in Hawaii stock up on Maui babe! This stuff is unbelieveable and seriously works! Me and my boyfriend went last May and i just picked mine up at the local ‘ABC’ stores. They have a bronzer, a tan sealer, sun screen and a browing lotion.  Check out their website for more information!


from summer to winter…

Okay so my favorite thing to wear in the summer are gladiator sandals. These in paricular I don’t own but i love them, the bebe knee-high gladiators are a steal at $129!


and my new obsession: moccasins!!!

These fringy boots/moccasins look so cozy and would be a perfect slip on boot for students who have to run campus from one class to the next. I really need to ge my hands on these asap!

You can purchase these directly from this site:


sick specks!

Tom Ford makes some of the best eyewear today. My favorite pair from him is the TF0043 JASON; they come in 4 different shades but my favorite is 820. Check them out yourselves: