Hey, what time is it? Time for you to get a watch

Nixon watches are no longer for skaters, boarders and surfers, rather, they are really brodening their horizons and have come out with some wicked watches the last two seasons! Creating some really stylish watches for both men and women, nixon is becoming a watch force to recon with ahah.


favorite # 1 : THE RAYNA @ $200

favorite # 2:  The Motif @ $150

favorite # 3: mens favorite-> THE 51-30 @ $450

[photo credits to nixonnow.com

All available to purchase on the website..again happy shooping : )


you better believe it !

Heidi and Spencer PRATT? Did i just read that? According to e-online Speidi together united their love in Cabo and it was confirmed by US Weekly. Lets be honest, we all saw it comming didn’t we? They are meant for one another. I mean spencer can’t be as bad as they portray him in the show. I never thought id say this but I am happy for them. I hope they enjoy their ummm interesting life ?

Read more on E-online and pick up the latest Us Weekly ASAP!

And as for Justin Bobby, hes a BABE !

[photo credits to e-online]

mmmmmmmyyyyy favvvoorritteeeee….

I had to just post my favorite website right now and you have to check it out. It has pages up pages of cool stuff and introduces me to new designers and styles every time i read it. HIGHLY RECOMMENED IT!







wicked mens sweater!


Fleece Button Hoody Heather
It is availavle at contextclothing.com but it already out of stock!!! It is going for $145 and is a stunner! Check out context clothing for plenty of other clothing styles and brands because they have quite the collection right now. Happy shopping : )


This brand carries the cooles stuff for all your goodies you want to procect. From laptop cases, to phone silders and back packs mostlt specializing in Apple procuts. I am a huge of this back pack:

“Incase Nylon Backpack” –> at $99.95 and comes in three different colors.

[pictures off of the applestore cite]

You can directly buy it at the applestore. Just click on the link and your set.

Also a big fan of the metallica slider cases on their wedsite goincase.com. They are a great way to protect your iphone and at the same time stylish! They go for $34.95 and come in 5 different colors.



So i absoltuely ADORE this jacket and have to get my hands on it! Safeclothes has it for $398 and honestly how can you not love it!!!!

“Button up swing coat” BY Rebbeca Turbow

[picture credits to safeclothes.net]

free people coat

Thought this was a good everyday coat, cool design, well cut, looks suitable for alot of different body types. You can find it at shopbop for $268. I love it !

“Free People Cotton Lined Jacket”

[photo taken from shopbop]


Love this hype womens cowl neck dress. Super cute and only $ 180. Check it ou on 80’spurple.

“Hype – Women’s Cowl Neck Dress (Taupe)

low cowl neck color-block and stripe dress. 3/4 sleeves with elastic belt and 2 side pockets “

Avita Eco-Chic Guilt Free Recycled Cashmere


So i ran into this website and feell in love with this high fashion econ-friendly line. greenupgrader has alot of eco-friendly things to check out so roam this wicked website. As for Avita check these out:

And for more styles: AVITA

January 5th 2009 is the big day!!!!

Okay I am a big dork and i love THE BACHELOR and have watched every single episode since it started! The new season starts on the 5th of january and jason is back from last season!!! (Remember him, he’s the single dad that DeAnna gave up for Jesse!) Tune in because I am expecting a prety exciting season.

Make fun of me as much as you want, but this show rocks my socks!!!

[picture credits to abc]

For more information check out the ABC website.